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With Tlacuache Adventures, we are concerned with offering an integral and quality service and as an enterprise, we are constantly improving, especially with customers and participant services who we consider our friends.

Therefore, we present our quality policy, where we commit:

  • To give an immediate, clear and respectful attention
  • To listen all your comments and suggestions
  • To inform about all our tours in clear detail
  • To give confidence, safety and support to our customers on the trips
  • To respect the private property and traditions, according to any law or rules from the municipalities, communities, and/or headboard where we develop our activities
  • To respect all habitats in which we will be or we will have contact with, such as rivers, forests, animals, insects, plants, rocks, etc.

    Encouraging the habitat preservation

  • To provide the suitable equipment to each activity according to the international security regulations
  • To provide a qualified and trained staff for each activity
  • To give an informative talk before each activity where we will explain in detail about the use of the equipment, the activity and guidance for your safety.
  • After a tour, we will give you a quality survey where the client can give us positive or negative feedback, in order to improve and give a better service to our clients

    All our services are in accordance to regulations established by the SECTUR, in this case, regulations like NOM-09-TUR-2002 and NO,-011-TUR-2001.

    ¡¡Escápate y vive la Aventura!!

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